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With the core motive of understanding and catering to the needs of customers, Nisarg Appliances Pvt Ltd was established in 2017 with a deep thought process and a clear plan.

 Initially, the focus was to target small domestic appliances in India. Later we expanded with gas stoves which led to a growth of 37 different variants in just under 2 years. This was also when the company was rebranded as Rasoi Appliances Pvt Ltd.

 Now Rasoi Appliances Pvt Ltd. has expanded its range which includes

  • Fans (Domestic Use)
  • Mixers (15 variants)
  • Non-stick Cookware (Assorted Range)
  • Irons (15 variants)
  • Thermoware Products (Assorted Range)

 Rasoi Appliances further plans to expand their range of electrical, home appliance and thermoware products. Backed by qualified professionals and their expertise Rasoi Appliances Pvt Ltd has a firm footed plan to expand their reach pan India by 2023.

 Food industry is a very heart touching industry and we at Rasoi are proud that we are contributing to the essential part of it. Also, our expansion into Home appliances is based off the same motivation to reach every home in India and make Rasoi a brand that is synonymous with home appliances in India. Providing products that are quality standard is our way to win a place in our customer heart and mind.

 Last but not least Rasoi Appliances Pvt Ltd wishes that they contribute to keeping the people in their reach SAFE AND HEALTHY.

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